Use the Moodle Mobile app for easier use on mobile devices. 

Installation Steps

Download on your Android or Apple device

App for Android

App for iOS

Open the app when installed

Screenshot of Moodle Mobile App

Type in the app 'Your Site' box

Sign in with your Student Number as Username and Date of Birth (DDMMYYYY) as Password


Scan the QR code located in your Moodle Profile (you must be signed in to your Moodle account on your PC)

On your PC access your Moodle Profile in the top right of the page and click your name

Moodle Profile Screenshot

Select the 'Details tab' and scroll down the page to see the QR code

Scan this QR code with the Moodle App on your device

Moodle Profile QR Code Screenshot

If you are experiencing difficulty with this please email Ciaran at